Views on Medical Treatment

The ideal scenario is one in which the body works in perfect equilibrium, regulating its own repair and recovery without the aid of anything other than love, nourishment and rest.

For much of our life it functions in precisely this way. It is an unfortunate truth that sometimes the body does fail to mend or regulate itself and that rest and nourishment may not be sufficient to restore health.

When we must intervene, it is best to facilitate normal body functions in the least invasive way possible. A major part of evaluation is identifying which aspects of symptoms are biologically-driven and the most effective, least invasive and lowest risk way to promote recovery. In some cases this may mean sleep, simple lifestyle change or starting psychotherapy. In other cases, more complex approaches may be necessary.

Whatever approach we take, treatment will aim to treat the heart of the matter and not just mask symptoms.

If you choose treatment you will be involved in every step. Your concerns will be taken seriously, your questions are encouraged, and you can expect clear detailed explanations of how to understand your problems, what might have caused them, what they mean about your health and your future, and the implications of addressing them with or without medication.