Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation involves sitting down together, talking about whatever is on your mind, and developing a clear, mutual understanding of what you’re struggling with and how I might be helpful.

As we talk, I will also be attending to how our interaction unfolds in sometimes subtle and nonverbal ways. These nonverbal aspects of behavior and emotional responses are actually a powerful form of communication that, once decoded, offer invaluable tools for understanding your internal world and navigating your current situation. As your needs and situations becomes clear, I will share what I understand with you.  Together, we will generate some ideas about how to proceed and what we can realistically expect in our work together.

Once formal therapy begins, we will begin to deepen, refine, and ultimately learn to make constructive use of this subtle language and the wealth of intelligence it offers. With this tool in hand, we begin to develop and formulate a deeper and more precise understanding of what you’re wanting or needing but haven’t been getting, what’s been getting in the way, and how we might realistically work with your particular situation, needs, and nature.