How I Work

Therapy, as I understand it, is a means to help you be more present in your life, to face challenges in work and in love with confidence, and to feel secure enough to play.

I understand that feelings are not symptoms, but signals to be listened too and understood in their context.

I also understand that patients are people, not just victims of biology or inconvenient containers for medications. While your physical state is of great importance, it does not exist in a vacuum, nor will we treat it as such. It is intimately intertwined with life circumstances, relationships, and past experiences.

I am happy to provide consultation on using a spectrum of resources, alone or in combination, to help put you in the best possible position to move forward with your life and goals.

The methods we use will be based on your needs, interests, and time frame. Therapy may take many forms, ranging  from understanding and support through difficult times to focused short-term dynamic therapies and longer-term analytic processes. We also have the option to explore tools such as medications, mindfulness techniques and meditation to support your physical, emotional, and situational goals.

Regardless of the methods we choose, our work together is to clarify and understand your goals, to help you feel better, and to provide you with the authority, self-understanding, and means to help adapt to the challenges in your life effectively and with confidence.