Genetic Testing

Ask Your DNA Which Medications are Right for You

Genetic testing for pharmacodynamic factors (genes which affect how well a medication will work) and pharmacokinetic factors (genes which affect how your body processes medications) allows for more precise treatments, faster recovery, fewer side-effects and less need for medication changes.

If you have been stuck in a cycle of trial-and-error medication treatments which either aren’t working for you or are causing too many side effects, it could simply mean your medications don’t work with your unique genetic makeup.  DNA testing may help end this frustrating cycle.

Significant improvement in remission and response:  50% improvement in remission rates and a 30% increase in response rates at week 8 compared to treatment as usual. 

Switching to a genetically optimal medication improves outcomes: Symptom improvement, response, and remission significantly improve when patients on a genetically suboptimal medication are switched to a genetically optimal medication s.